SDUT Holds “14th Five-Year” Special Planning Demonstration Meeting


On the afternoon of June 24th, SDUT held a “14th Five-Year Plan” special planning demonstration meeting in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuan Building. School leaders LYU Chuanyi, HU Xingyu, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, and YI Weiming attended the meeting. The heads of special planning leading units and related departments participated in the meeting. The meeting was chaired by HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of SDUT.

At the meeting, the leaders of 9 special planning leading units, including discipline construction, talent training, scientific research, community service, teaching staff, university culture construction, education internationalization, construction of governance system and governance capacity modernization, school running conditions and security system construction. Reports were made in terms of construction ideas, development goals, main tasks and measures, safeguard measures, and implementation paths.

After listening to the report, the heads of the participating departments and school leaders in charge of the special plans successively gave demonstration speeches, from the macro to details, and put forward opinions and suggestions on the further modification and improvement of the special plans.

LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, made a speech, affirmed the work done in the early stage, and pointed out the existing problems and deficiencies.

LYU Chuanyi put forward four suggestions on the follow-up work. First, we should deeply understand the relationship between each special plan and the outline of SDUT’s development plan, so as to make sure that the tasks should be fully done and the expression be consistent from top to bottom.

Second, we should further concretize the contents of each special plan. We should have specific measures to facilitate operation and ensure that the plan can be implemented.

Third, we should comprehensively consider the coordination among various special plans. Relevant departments should strengthen communication and discussion, clarify the focus, and ensure that the overall objectives and direction are consistent without contradiction.

Fourth, we should make further efforts in logic, text and details. We should make sure that the text is concise, the language is concise, the connotation is accurate and the format is unified.

HU Xingyu emphasized when presiding, first, we must improve the three levels of conformity, namely, the conformity between special plans and SDUT’s development plan outline, so as to support each other; the conformity between the special plans, to achieve mutual coordination; the conformity between measures and goals, to be pragmatic and effective. Second, we must work hard on three aspects, namely, work hard on the ideas of how to do it and improve the way of implementation; work hard on the effectiveness and necessity of the measures and adhere to problem-oriented and goal-oriented; work hard on the scientificity of composition of indicators and the determination of reasonable indicators, so that there are no missing items in the composition of indicators, and the determination of indicators should be scientific. Third, we must make full use of incentives and guidance measures such as professional titles, evaluation, assessment, examination, resource allocation, rewards, and support policies to ensure that relevant plans are implemented. Fourth, we must make full use of external resources and mobilize external forces to serve the construction and development of SDUT.

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