Work Summary Deployment and XI Jinping’s July 1st Speech Meeting Held


On the morning of July 16th, SDUT held a meeting for work summary and deployment and on XI Jinping’s July 1st speech in the Art Center Auditorium, systematically summarized and reviewed the work of the first half year, arranged and deployed the key work in summer vacation, and preached XI Jinping’s important speech on July 1st.

School leaders LYU Chuanyi, HU Xingyu, DENG Changliang, LIU Guohua, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, ZHANG Jinsheng, SU Shoubo, special assistant to the principal, all middle-level cadres, members of SDUT Academic Committee, directors and deputy directors of the Professor Committee of each school and counselors attended the meeting. LYU Chuanyi, the secretary of Party Committee of SDUT, presided over the meeting.

LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, presided over the meeting and preached the spirit of XI Jinping’s important speech on July 1st

On behalf of Party Committee and Administration of SDUT, HU Xingyu, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of SDUT, summarized and notified the work done of the first half year, arranged and deployed the work in summer vacation.

HU Xingyu made a systematically summary from eight aspects, including the “14th Five-Year Plan” formulation, talent and personnel, advantage disciplines strengthening strategies, “Five-Have” talent training, scientific research and social service, student education and management service, warm campus construction, and Party building and ideology instruction.

HU Xingyu requested that the whole school should continue to think, to reflect, and to improve their work for the next semester during the summer vacation. They should not only complete the urgent work, but also plan for the basal and long-term work. In addition, HU Xingyu arranged and deployed several key tasks during the summer vacation.

HU Xingyu stressed that the “14th Five-Year Plan” was a period of great opportunities for the rapid development of SDUT and that every minute should be seized during this period. All departments and units should make good use of the precious time during the summer vacation to sum up experience, find out problems, improve weak links, make a sound plan, and formulate work arrangements and schedules for the next half year. All should carry out as planned, seek changes and innovations, and push forward gradually to complete the main tasks of the annual work on time, and strive to advance the new journey of building a high-level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics.

LYU Chuanyi preached the spirit of General Secretary XI Jinping’s important speech at the ceremony marking the centenary of the Communist Party of China, and put forward requirements to study and implement it based on actual work.

LYU Chuanyi preached from five aspects: “a solemn declaration”, “a career theme”, “a great spirit”, “four great achievements”, and “nine experience to follow”.

“Nine experience to follow” means nine “musts”, He said. First, we must adhere to the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China; Second, we must unite and lead the Chinese people in continuous striving for a better life; Third, we must continue to promote the localization of Marxism in China; Fourth, we must uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics; Fifth, we must accelerate the modernization of national defense and the armed forces; Sixth, we must continue to promote the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind; Seventh, we must conduct great struggles with many new historical characteristics; Eighth, we must strengthen the unity of Chinese people; Ninth, we must continue to promote the great new project of Party building.

LYU Chuanyi emphasized that all the cadres and Party members should actively respond to the call of General Secretary XI Jinping, keep in mind the original aspiration and mission, stand firm in ideals and beliefs, practice the Party’s tenet, always maintain the flesh-and-blood ties with the people, and always consider for the people, work together and share weal and woe with people. And we should continue to make unremitting efforts to realize the people’s yearning for a better life and strive for greater glories for the Party and the people.

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