SDUT Holds “HIMILE” Cup 15th National College Students Chemical Engineering Design Competition North China Division Final


From July 31st to August 1st , the North China Division Final of “HIMILE” Cup 15th National College Students Chemical Engineering Design Competition sponsored by the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China and China Education Association of Chemical Industry was held in SDUT.

On the morning of July 31st, the opening ceremony of the competition was held in the University Student Art Center of SDUT. Professor LIU Chunjiang, head of the North China Division of the National College Students Chemical Engineering Design Competition and professor of School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University, Dr WANG Qinbo from Himile Group Co., Ltd, WEI Xiuting, the member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT attended. Some well-known experts and professors in the field of chemical industry in China, representatives of relevant functional departments of SDUT, enterprises and teachers and students from participating universities took part in the opening ceremony.

WEI Xiuting delivered the opening speech.He pointed out that SDUT attached great importance to scientific research and technological innovation,adhered to the scientific research policy of “producing talents, results and benefits”,and had achieved outstanding results. He hoped that all the participating  teams could show their capability, style and friendship through this competition. He said that as the organizer of the event for two consecutive years, SDUT would live up to expectations and do a solid job in organizing the event and providing services under the normal epidemic prevention and control.

WANG Qinbo, on behalf of Himile Group Co., Ltd , expressed warm congratulations to the successful holding of the competition and briefly introduced the core concepts and the history of Himile Group Co.,Ltd. He said that SDUT was a key university of Himile's university-enterprise cooperation, and he expected the two sides could continue to cooperate with each other and carry out more comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.

The competition was entitled “Designing Technical Transformation Scheme for Isopropy Alcohol Production Branch Plant”, which was divided into three stages: preliminary, group and final. After the preliminary rounds,73 teams entered the group stage. The group competition was composed of two parts: work evaluation and presentation evaluation. The work evaluation was divided into three groups including design document quality, engineering drawing quality and modern design method application ability. The presentation evaluation was divided into six groups.On July 31st , 89 professional teachers from 64 universities acted as panel judges to select 15 teams to advance to the final.

On the morning of August 1st, the final competition was held. After the work evaluation and presentation evaluation, ten special prizes in North China Division were awarded to the team “Brilliance” from Tianjin University and the other 9 teams; Best Design Document Quality Prizes were awarded to 3 teams including the team “Surprise” from Tianjin University; Best Engineering Drawing Quality Award Prizes were awarded to 3 teams including the team “Brilliance” from Tianjin University; and Best Modern Design Method Prizes were awarded to 3 teams including the team “August Days” from China University of Petroleum (East China). Hebei Agricultural University Bohai College, Shandong University of Technology and Hebei University won the Best Organization Award, Outstanding Contribution Award and Best Breakthrough Award respectively.

On the afternoon of August 1st, the closing ceremony was held in the University Student Art Center. The teachers and students of the School of Music of SDUT dedicated a wonderful artistic performance for the participating representatives.

LIU Chunjiang made comments on the competition, and gave guidance to the problems, as well as skills and methods that students should master at the live presentation. He said that what young people need was the opportunities and he hoped that all the participating students could get the opportunity to grow up through this competition.

SU Shoubo, member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT delivered the closing speech. He said that SDUT attached great importance to innovation and entrepreneurship, taking innovation and entrepreneurship education as an important channel point to improve the quality of talent training, and had achieved outstanding results. He encouraged all the participating teams to continue to actively explore and innovate, shoulder the important tasks, strengthen professional knowledge learning, and continuously improve the ability of scientific research and social service.

The leaders and guests present at the closing ceremony awarded certificates to the winning teams and universities. 

It was reported that a total of 350 teams from 65 universities in North China participated in the competition, with the number of participating universities, teams and competitors reaching a record high. The event was held online and offline for the first time in history and was watched by more than 400,000 people.

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