Green Campus Action Deployment Meeting Held


On the morning of October 18th, SDUT held a green campus action deployment meeting in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan Building. HU Xingyu, Deputy Secretary and President of Party Committee of SDUT, WANG Libin, member of the Standing Committee of Party Committee and Vice President of SDUT, attended the meeting, and heads of relevant departments and units participated the meeting. The meeting was presided over by WANG Libin.

The head of the Party Committee (President) Office reported on the drafting of the SDUT Green Campus Action Implementation Implementation Plan from four aspects: the overall goal, the establishment of a leading group for green campus action, organization and implementation, and safeguard measures. The person in charge of the Logistic Affairs’ Division introduced the background of the green campus action and the details of the implementation. The heads of participating departments and units put forward opinions and suggestions on the plan in combination with their respective functional division.

HU Xingyu put forward three requirements to solidly carry out the building of green campus, meet the requirements of green campus of Shandong province as soon as possible, and strive to become a model school. The first was to fully understand the significance of green campus construction. For SDUT, it was not only a need for a good ecological environment for its construction and development, but also the need of the goal and task of talent training, as well as an important measure to carry out green education, build green culture and implement resource conservation for teachers and students.

The second was to deeply implement the action of building a green campus. We should take multiple measures to build a green campus with high quality by formulating implementation plans, creating management systems, establishing organizations, carrying out publicity and education on ecological civilization, deeply implementing energy, water and grain conservation and garbage classification, exploring intelligent green operation management measures, and promoting green innovation research.

The third was to make overall plans and coordination, bear respective responsibilities, and strive to build the first batch of green campuses in Shandong province. SDUT would do a good job in top-level design, coordinate and promote the work of various departments and units as a whole. All departments and units shall pay close attention to the implementation according to the division of responsibilities, promote it together with other related work of SDUT, and not reinvent the wheel, so as to improve efficiency and save costs; and quickly sort out materials one by one according to the evaluation standards, find problems, establish ledger, strive to solve them, scientifically and effectively promote the building of green campus, and make positive contributions to becoming the first batch of green campuses in Shandong province next year.

When WANG Libin presided over the meeting, he emphasized earnestly implementing the spirit of the meeting and doing a good job in building green campus.

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