SDUT Reaches New High in Number of 2021 National Social Science Fund Pojects


On September 24th, National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences announced the results of the annual projects and youth projects of the National Social Sciences Fund in 2021. SDUT was approved of 22 projects, including 1 key project, 14 general projects and 7 youth projects. The number of approved projects ranked 2nd among colleges and universities affiliated to Shandong province and 54th in China, realizing a new breakthrough in the total number of approved projects of annual projects and youth projects of the National Social Science Fund and a new record.

According to the discipline classification of National Office for Philosophy and Social Sciences, the projects of various disciplines in SDUT are as follows: 4 items of Marxism-Leninism·Science and Society, 3 items of Applied Economy, 3 items of Theoretical Economy, 3 items of Library·Information and Philology, 3 items of Management, 2 items of Sociology, 1 item of Philosophy, 1 item of Religious Studies, 1 item of Ethnology, and 1 item of Journalism and Communication. The projects of schools (units) of Humanities and Social Sciences are as follows: 5 items of School of Economics, 5 items of Schools of Marxism, 4 items of School of Management, 3 items of School of Laws, 3 items of Library and 2 items of School of Literature & Media Dissemination.

It was reported that the total number of annual projects and youth projects approved by the National Social Science Fund in 2021 was 4642. Among them, there were 370 key projects, each with a subsidy of 350000 yuan; 3169 general projects and 1103 youth projects, with a subsidy of 200000 yuan.

National Social Sciences Fund project was the highest level and most authoritative research project recognized in the field of Philosophy and Social Sciences in China. The number of projects was one of the important indicators of discipline evaluation and academic evaluation, which directly reflected the overall scientific research ability, academic level and development potential of the unit to a certain extent.

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