2021 Postdoctoral Work Conference Held


On the morning of December 16th, the 2021 postdoctoral work conference was held in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuan Building. HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, as well as LIU Guohua and YI Weiming, members of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice presidents of SDUT, attended the meeting. Heads of Talent Office, Graduate Studies’ Office, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Transportation& Vehicle Engineering, School of Agricultural Engineering& Food Science, School of Electrical& Electronic Engineering, School of Chemistry& Chemical Engineering, and representatives of co-supervisors participated the meeting. The meeting was presided over by LIU Guohua.

The person in charge of the Talent Office reported on the post-doctoral profile, post-doctoral policies and projects, post-doctoral construction, co-supervisors’ recruitment of post-doctors, SDUT’s post-doctoral policies, and post-doctoral management. Heads of above-mentioned schools exchanged the problems existing in the postdoctoral work and the ideas for the next step. Representatives of post-doctoral co-supervisors shared their experience and insights in recruiting and guiding post-doctors.

HU Xingyu put forward three requirements for further improving postdoctoral work. First, it was a must to pay more attention to postdoctoral work. Recruiting postdoctors was an important supplementary channel for strengthening scientific research capabilities, a significant form of further enchancing doctoral research capabilities,and a way for SDUT to select and introduce high-quality teachers. Relevant functional departments, schools, and supervisors of SDUT should value and continue to do a good job in postdoctoral work from the perspective of supporting the strategic construction of postdoctoral workstations.

Second, we should optimize the relevant policies for post-doctors. We should study not only the needs of SDUT, but also the needs of postdoctors, so as to adjust and optimize policies. Policies should be diversified. Based on the common needs of groups, we should take care of the differentiated needs of different individuals, increase the number of full-time postdoctors by improving the attractiveness of policies, take multiple measures to build an academic community and continuously improve the academic level of postdoctors.

The third is to intensify the publicity of post-doctoral recruitment. On the basis of optimizing policies, functional departments of SDUT, postdoctoral workstations of schools, and cooperative tutors should work together to further clarify the content of the promotion, expand the promotion carrier and channels, and continue to amplify dissemination of the post-doctoral recruitment to ensure better effect.

YI Weiming put forward relevant guidance for post-doctoral work. He pointed out that those disciplines with workstations should innovate the management mode, make use of the resource advantage and promote the work from the whole.

LIU Guohua emphasized when presiding over the conference that it was necessary to further attach great importance to post-doctoral work. Both SDUT and schools should perfect the policy system, management system and incentive mechanism, and give full play to the role of high-level supervisors and teams.

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