SDUT Approved as 2021 National IP Information Public Service Branch


On October 26th, China National Intellectual Property Administration announced the list of national intellectual property information public service branches in 2021.Taking its library’s intellectual property information public service as the main body,SDUT was successfully selected and approved as the national intellectual property information public service branch after application, recommendation, review and publicity. SDUT had been approved as a high-level intellectual property platform again since it was awarded as national intellectual property pilot university and patent technology transfer& transformation project pilot institution of Shandong province.

n recent years,SDUT has attached great importance to intellectual property,continuously established and improved intellectual property management systems and mechanisms with the goal of improving patent quality,focusing on the superior disciplines and conducting value evaluation and analysis of effective patents. For major scientific and technological projects,the intellectual property entire process management was carried out,the third party was entrusted to launch professional patent application document transmission services. Besides,SDUT actively explored key research areas for patent navigation,and gradually established a transformation-oriented full-process patent management service system.

This year,the patent for “Brushless Electromagnet and Permanent Magnet Hybrid Stabilized Power Generation Device for Electric Vehicle Range Extender” won the 22nd China Patent Excellence Award, the “Patent Navigation for Advanced Polymer Materials Industry” project was approved for the first time in Shandong Province Patent Navigation Project ,“Research on Self-Heating Straw Efficient Pyrolysis Liquefaction and Bio-Oil Quality Improvement Technology” project was granted for the Zibo City Patent Navigation Project,1 person became the mediator of first batch of Shandong Provincial People’s Mediation Committee for Intellectual Property Disputes (totally 13 people in Shandong province),4 teachers were selected into the Intellectual Property Protection Talent Expert Database of Shandong Intellectual Property Protection Center.

After review and publicity,88 intellectual property public service institutions were finally determined to be registered as national intellectual property information public service branches. The selection of national intellectual property information public service branches is organized and implemented by China National Intellectual Property Administration, aiming to improve the convenience and accessibility of public intellectual property information services.

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