SDUT Party Committee Leadership Theory-Discussing Meeting Held


On the afternoon of December 29th, LYU Chuanyi, Secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, presided over the SDUT Party committee leadership theory-discussing meeting in the conference room on the 9th floor of Hongyuan Building to summarize the work in 2021 and plan for the new year. The meeting proposed that 2022 would be the “Year of Style Construction”, and we should make the big change of style drive the huge improvement of work and the great development of career.

HU Xingyu, LIU Guohua, WANG Libin, WEI Xiuting, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng, SU Shoubo, LIU Mingyong and ZHANG Siling, members of the leading group of the Party committee of SDUT, attended the meeting. They summarized and reviewed the completion of various tasks in 2021 combined with their respective duties, explained the unfinished work, and put forward ideas for promoting key work in 2022 and suggestions for the overall work of SDUT.

HU Xingyu, vice secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, put forward the key work in 2022. First, as for discipline construction, we should optimize the layout, pinpoint and be target-oriented. We would promote cross-integration and realize the mutual promotion and interaction of high-level talents, teams, cooperation, projects, achievements and platforms. The results should be taken as an important indicator of the assessment for schools. Second, for the talent training, we should optimize the layout of majors and curriculum system, reform the teaching paradigm, improve the ability of “teaching” and “learning”, cultivate students by classification, promote the reform of graduate enrollment, prepare for a new round of teaching evaluation, and strengthen teaching research and achievement cultivation. Third, we should improve output efficiency of scientific research and social services. Fourth, we should introduce talents precisely and improve the quality of talent introduction. We needed to inspire and nurture young people to grow up as quickly as possible. And we should ensure that faculty are suitable for the posts and maximize the efficiency of human resources. Fifth, it was necessary to improve the efficiency of resource allocation and expand the financial resources of SDUT. The sixth was to reform the professional title assessment system, tenure evaluation system, performance distribution system and selection system for outstanding individuals to fully mobilize the enthusiasm for faculty and staff. Seventh, we should reform evaluation method, focus on reforming and optimizing teacher evaluation, explore and deepen student evaluation approach. Eighth, governance system and capacity should be modernized. Ninth, administrators should reinforce study and research to boost the high-quality development of SDUT. Tenth, we should beef up the construction of data platform to achieve the digital campus.

LYU Chuanyi made a concluding speech. He pointed out that 2021 was a year that had been tempered by education and laid a solid political foundation for future development; it was a year to draw a beautiful blueprint and build an overall framework for future development; it was a year of deepening reform and innovation, which provided a driving force for future development; it was a year to perfect the rules and regulations and optimize the governance system for the future; 2021 was a year of highlighting key tasks and being a good start for future development.

LYU Chuanyi stressed that the development objectives of SDUT in the next five years had been explicit, and the development strategy and major measures had been clear. The next key was to strengthen the construction of the cadre team and pay attention to the implementation.

LYU Chuanyi proposed that SDUT would designate 2022 as the “Year of Style Construction” and made the big change of style drive the huge improvement of work and the great development of career. First, we must conduct a comparative inspection of style issues. Second, we should carry out relevant learning and education. The third is to make comments and appraisals.

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