2021 Work Summary& Winter Vacation Work Deployment Meeting Held


On the morning of January 14th, LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, presided over the 2021 work summary and winter vacation work deployment meeting in the Art Center Auditorium to summarize the deployment and plan for “year of work style construction”.

The meeting was held via online video, with main venue and branch venue. Leaders including HU Xingyu, WANG Libin, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng and SU Shoubo, special assistants to the president, all middle-level cadres, members of the Academic Committee of SDUT, directors and deputy directors of Professors Committees of schools, assistants to deans of schools (offices and departments), secretaries of teachers’ Party branches and all counselors attended the meeting in the main venue. Cadres of section chief rank, grass-roots cadres of schools and heads of disciplines participated in the branch meeting.

HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and president of SDUT, concluded the work of 2021 and arranged the key work during the winter vacation on behalf of the Party Committee and the administration of SDUT.

HU Xingyu notified the “transcript” of 2021 from eight aspects, including optimizing the governance system, focusing more on discipline construction, improving the quality and efficiency of talent work, steadily advancing in “Five-Haves” talent training, making more remarkable achievements in scientific research and social work, optimizing education and service level for students, promoting the construction of a warm home and comprehensively strengthening ideological and political work of Party building.

HU Xingyu stressed that during the winter vacation, we should focus on the following ten aspects. First, we should seriously study and plan the key work in 2022. Second, we should go all out to do a good job in discipline construction and evaluation. Third, we should deepen reform and strive to improve level of talent performance and personnel work. Fourth, we should focus on the goal and make great efforts to the planning of education and teaching reform. Fifth, we should continue to do well in scientific research and social services. Sixth, we should strengthen research and deeply explore the reform of educational evaluation. Seventh, we should broaden our thinking and vigorously reinforce the construction and optimal allocation of resources. Eighth, we should systematically promote and work together to complete the routine work of winter vacation. Ninth, we should strictly guard against and build a strict defense line for epidemic prevention and control. Tenth, we should take various measures simultaneously to weave a campus safety network during the holiday.

Finally, LYU Chuanyi made a speech from two aspects: “looking back on the significant 2021” and “strengthening the construction of work style and moving towards the future together”.

LYU Chuanyi reviewed the work from five aspects: 2021 was a year tempered by education, laying a solid political foundation for future development; 2021 was a year of drawing a beautiful blueprint, building an overall framework for future development; 2021 was a year of deepening reform and innovation, providing the driving force for future development; 2021 was a year of improving rules and regulations, optimizing the governance system for future development; 2021 was a year of highlighting key work, making a good start for future development. He stressed that 2021 was a year for SDUT to absorb experience, open up the future, practice internal skills and lay a solid foundation to set out.

LYU Chuanyi pointed out that 2022 was the “year of work style construction” of SDUT. We should enhance the work style construction and work together for the future. The development goal of SDUT in the next five years as well as the development strategy and major measures have been clear. The next key was to strengthen the construction of work style and pay attention to the implementation.

Focusing on how to promote the work of “year of work style construction”, LYU Chuanyi proposed that we should strengthen organization and leadership, effectively plan and organize relevant work. We should effectively carry out publicity and education, promote the improvement of work and the development of career through the great change of work style. We should accurately find out the problems and conduct detailed inspection in combination with the specific reality of each unit. We should carry out rectification seriously, analyze the causes one by one according to the problems found, put forward effective rectification measures and resolutely rectify in place. We should conduct objective evaluation, take the achievements as an important standard to test the construction of work style, reward the good and punish the bad and earnestly advance the development of the cause.

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