3rd Round of Employment Expiration Assessment Ends


On April 27th, the leading group for the assessment of employment expiration of SDUT held a meeting to review the results of the third round of assessment. So far, the third round of assessment smoothly ended.

A total of 2860 teaching staff were assessed in this round of assessment. Among them, 552 high-level talents and new doctors introduced during the employment period participated in the assessment. The assessment was mainly based on the talent contract agreement and was organized by corresponding academic schools. Finally, 551 qualified and 1 unqualified. 2308 assessment objects of other types were involved, including 541 excellent, 1724 qualified and 43 unqualified.

According to the head of the Human Resources Division, this round of assessment mainly had four characteristics. Firstly, they have conducted careful research and optimized the scheme. SDUT formulated the plan for the third round of employment expiration assessment, taking teachers’ ethics and style as the first standard with the principles of seeking truth from facts, objectivity and impartiality, democracy and openness, scientificity and normalization as well as valuing actual performance. SDUT made the schedule, strictly implemented the procedures and established a supervision working group to unblock the appeal channels of teachers and staff and lay the foundation for the assessment.

Second, they have highly valued and strengthened leadership. SDUT has set up a leading group for the assessment headed by LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, and HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, to study major issues in the assessment. Under the guidance of the leading group, the assessment of all kinds of personnel was carried out in an orderly and steady manner.

Third, they have arranged the work clearly and refined assessment. SDUT divided the assessment responsibility units according to different job types and establishes school assessment working group, auxiliary series assessment working group, counselor assessment working group, middle-level cadre assessment working group and department assessment working group respectively. According to the actual characteristics of the assessment objects, each assessment working group formulated the rules, interpreted policies, adhered to principles, dared to take responsibility, worked carefully, strived to promote development through assessment and fully stimulated the work enthusiasm of all kinds of personnel.

Fourth, they have got rid of the “five-onlys” and deepened reform. According to the requirements of educational evaluation reform in the new era, SDUT carefully studied and made supplementary provisions on the accreditation of assessment results in the scheme. The supplementary provisions highlighted the investigation of work performance and gave secondary units full autonomy. Although some have not completed a certain post target task, they were rated as qualified by their outstanding achievements and excellent performance in performing other post tasks and responsibilities. The assessment and evaluation became more scientific and accurate.

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