SDUT Decomposes and Deploys 2021 Work Tasks


SDUT held the 2022 work tasks decomposition and deployment meeting via video to decomposes and deploys the work throughout the year and put forward requirements for key tasks on the afternoon of March 15th. HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, attended and delivered a speech. WANG Libin, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice president of SDUT, presided over the meeting. Other school administrative leaders, heads of departments, directly affiliated units, organizations and the Department of Economics and Management participated in the meeting.

The head of the Party Committee (President) Office interpreted the key points of the work in 2022 from three aspects: the drafting process, the basis and decomposition process of project establishment and the suggestions of task supervision and implementation.

HU Xingyu analyzed the opportunities and challenges faced by SDUT in 2022. He pointed out that from the outside, the current was the golden period for the development of higher education. The whole country generally attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and the development of higher education, which was the biggest advantage we had. But at the same time, the competition between colleges and universities was also very fierce. The only way to achieve sound and rapid development in 2022 was reform and struggle.

Focusing on the implementation of the objectives and tasks in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the work in 2022, HU Xingyu stressed that first, we should deepen reform and improve quality and efficiency. We should deepen the reform of decision-making methods, evaluation and assessment, personnel system, talent introduction and cultivation system, teaching reform, resource management system, scientific research system and logistics service socialization.

Second, we should standardize the foundation and grasp the key points. We should improve and standardize the basic work under the background of informatization, closely adhere to optimize the layout of disciplines and majors of “Four-faces”, pay close attention to the discipline positioning and development objectives to strengthen discipline construction, teaching construction, financial resources construction, the school-city integration and social services, informatization construction, students’ education management, safety and stability, style construction and scientific research construction.

Third, we should pay close attention to the goal and the implementation. We should expand way of thinking to seek breakthroughs, improve the position to make decision, uphold the iron style to fully implement and focus on the purpose to achieve practical results.

WANG Libin put forward three requirements for implementing the spirit of the meeting. First, we should change our work style and improve our governance ability. Second, we should clarify the objectives and tasks and pay attention to the implementation. Third, we should strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the effectiveness of our work.

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