SDUT Holds Employment Task Decomposition and Deployment Meeting


SDUT held a meeting for employment task decomposition and deployment on the first floor of Hongyuan Building to further implement the decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, the Ministry of Education and Shandong Province on the employment of college graduates as well as to convey and implement the relevant spirit of the standing committee of the Party committee of SDUT on employment on the morning of April 21st. The main task of the meeting is to analyze the current employment situation, decompose indicators and implement measures for arduous employment tasks to strongly promote graduates’ employment of SDUT in 2022.

LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, attended and delivered a speech. HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, presided over the meeting. DENG Changliang, WANG Libin, ZHA Yuxi, YI Weiming, ZHANG Jinsheng, SU Shoubo and LIU Mingyong, members of the leading group of the SDUT, were present at the meeting. Heads of relevant departments, secretaries of Party committees (general Party branch) and deans of academic schools participated in the meeting in the main venue. Other leading group members, department deans, directors of student work office and counselors of graduates of each school took part in the meeting in the branch venue via video.

ZHA Yuxi and YI Weiming, members of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice presidents of SDUT, respectively conveyed the spirit of the study on employment tasks at the meeting of the standing committee of the Party committee of SDUT and the decomposition plan for employment tasks in 2022. The heads of 7 academic schools, including the School of Agricultural Engineering and Food Science, made exchange speeches on the work carried out by schools, the progress of employment and the next work plan.

In his speech, LYU Chuanyi pointed out that the schools who exchanged speeches had clear ideas, feasible measures and remarkable results, which had a good reference for the employment work. LYU emphasized three aspects on how to do in the next step. First, we must fully understand the importance of employment and the severity of the employment situation. Employment was the biggest project of livelihood, aspiration and foundation. The quality and level of employment was an important indicator to measure the quality and level of running a school for a university and it was related to the survival and development of disciplines and majors. The employment situation in 2022 was extremely harsh, because of the large quantity of graduates, weak job demand and limited channel to contact. More efforts were needed to do a good job in employment.

Second, we should refine measures to implement employment tasks. To expand the coverage of employment assistance for graduates, the members of the leading group of the Party committee of SDUT should take the initiative to help a certain number of graduates who have employment intention but have not yet been employed. All academic schools should also fully mobilize and give full play to the advantages of the professional teachers, the “vice presidents of science and technology companies” and other roles according to the actual situation to realize the responsibility of employment assistance. We should pay attention to coordinated operations and take the advantages of group operations to form a joint force for employment.

Third, we should do a good job in employment with an iron style. Tackling tough problems in employment work was the touchstone to test the work style and temper the cadre team. We should use the great change of work style to promote the great improvement of employment work and the great development of the cause. We should adhere to high standards and strict requirements, advance the implementation of various measures as well as plan, promote and implement in advance. We should further understand and deal problems according to the employment law and students’ needs, innovate ways and methods, improve the work enthusiasm and take the initiative to effectively respond to the impact of the epidemic.

HU Xingyu put forward four requirements on implementing the spirit of this meeting. First, we should further improve the political stance and quickly implement the spirit of the meeting. Second, we should further consolidate the responsibilities of all parties and effectively enhance the mission of employment tasks of graduates. Third, we further improve the service system and continue to enrich the precise measures for the employment of graduates. Fourth, we should further improve the quality of talent training and increase the core competitiveness of students’ employment.

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