Edge Hill University Sends Condolences Letter and Donates Anti-Epidemic Supplies


Recently, Mark Allanson, executive vice president of the partner school Edge Hill University (EHU), sent a letter on behalf of the university to LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, and HU Xingyu, president of SDUT, expressing concern and condolences to teachers and students affected by this round of epidemic, and donated anti-epidemic supplies via its Beijing Representative Office. Mark showed his understanding and support for SDUT to protect the lives and health of teachers and students through various measures. He hoped that SDUT would defeat the epidemic at an early date and the two sides would carry out substantive exchanges and cooperation as soon as possible.

In the reply, LYU and HU introduced the measures taken and the results achieved in the epidemic prevention and control of SDUT, expressed their heartfelt thanks to Edge Hill University for its support, understanding and donation and looked forward to inviting Mark to visit SDUT after the epidemic to discuss cooperation and implement cooperation intentions. They hoped that with mutual support and efforts, the two universities would deepen friendly and cooperative relations and establish a long-term, stable and sustainable partnership.

EHU has signed an inter-school friendly cooperation agreement with SDUT in 2021, reaching an agreement on jointly establishing the “Library Information (Data Science) Joint Research Center”, carrying out joint training of talents at different levels, realizing the strong linkage of advantageous disciplines and building a high-quality education exchange project. With the mission of “Creating and Harnessing Knowledge to Deliver Opportunity”, EHU has been developed higher education since 1885. It has made certain achievements and recognition in realizing its mission, won a series of awards and ranked high in teaching, student experience and employment. Its campus and teaching resources have been rated as the best in northwest England. Its educational facilities ranked among the top 5 in the UK. EHU ranked 61st in the comprehensive ranking of TIMES 2021 and its employment rate of graduates in 2020 was among the top 10 in the UK.

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