1st Congress of SUDT Alumni Association Held


On May 26th, SDUT held the first congress of Alumni Association in the conference room on the second floor of Xingyuan Hotel to present a special gift to the 66th anniversary of SDUT. The meeting was held in a combination of “Online+offline”. As attending the meeting in Jinan, LYU Chuanyi, secretary of Party committee of SDUT, and HU Xingyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee and president of SDUT, delivered speeches in the form of video. School leaders DENG Changliang, ZHA Yuxi and SU Shoubo attended the meeting. More than 50 heads of relevant offices and alumni representatives attended the on-site meeting.

The meeting reviewed and approvedthe Constitution of the Alumni Association (Draft) and the Election Method of the First Congress of the Alumni Association (Draft), elected the first president, vice president, secretary-general, deputy secretary-general and directors of the Alumni Association. HU Xingyu was elected as president. SU Shoubo, member of the standing committee of Party committee and vice president of SDUT, was elected as executive vice president. WEI Zhenwen, chairman of Qingdao Doright Co., Ltd., CHEN Yujian, chairman of Shandong Hongcheng Group, LIU Nianbo, chairman of Huaguan Group, ZHOU Bohu, chairman of Shandong Ctrl Group, ZHANG Hui, vice president of Guojing Group, were elected as vice presidents. LI Tao, head of Cooperation and Development Department, was elected as secretary general. A total of 21 people became members of the first council.

LYU Chuanyi stressed in his speech that SDUT would rely closely on the platform of the Alumni Association to provide more powerful support and organizational guarantee for the exchange and cooperation between the alma mater and the alumni and between the alumni and the alumni, to gather the majestic power of the alumni, to make the alumni and the alma mater become a community of struggle and a community of destiny, to pave the way for the innovation and entrepreneurship of the alumni, to motivate the development of SDUT and to build a warm home for SDUTers.

In his speech, HU Xingyu said that as the first president of the Alumni Association, he was deeply honored and responsible for the mission. Together with the members of the first Alumni Association Council, they would rely closely on and unite the alumni, do their best to help the alumni to show their greater roles in the construction of a strong country and a strong university.

ZHOU Bohu, president of Jinan Alumni Association, and CHENG Fengye, chairman of Huaben Industry and president of Youth Startup Union, delivered speeches as alumni representatives. They said that as a member of the alumni, they would strive to build and develop the Alumni Association. Basing on the platform of the Alumni Association, they would work hard in their respective positions, do practical things and start businesses to actively contribute to the alumni power to help SDUT build a high-level university as soon as possible.

SU Shoubo expressed that with the support of all members and directors, SDUT would continue to strengthen the organization, culture, carrier and channel construction of the Alumni Association, create an important platform for gathering alumni strength, friendship, wisdom and resources, take up the heavy burden, live up to the mission and strive to create a new situation of Alumni Association.

The congress ended in a solemn school anthem.

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