Outstanding Entrepreneurs Entering Campus Campaign Launches


In the afternoon of June 2nd, the launching ceremony of Zibo Entrepreneurs Entering Campus Campaign was held in the conference room on the second floor of Xingyuan Hotel. LYU Chuanyi, secretary of the Party committee of SDUT, SU Shoubo, member of the standing committee of the Party committee and vice president of SDUT, LI Xue, chairman of the board of supervisors of Zibo Science and Technology Innovation Association and secretary of the Party committee of Shandong Zhongshan Group Co., Ltd. and more than 10 entrepreneurs attended the ceremony. More than 60 students from various academic schools participated in the ceremony. The university and enterprises work together for mutual benefit and win-win results.

In his speech, SU Shoubo expressed his heartfelt thanks to all entrepreneurs for their long-term support and help to SDUT and introduced the progress of building an upgraded version of school-city integrated development with “one mechanism”, “one space” and “multiple platforms” as the main content.

He pointed out that the employment situation this year was relatively severe and it was a great responsibility and a glorious mission to do a good job in the employment of graduates. SDUT would further provide enterprises and entrepreneurs with the best recruitment services, create the best recruitment environment and promote students’ counterpart employment according to the needs of enterprises. It was hoped that through the activities of entrepreneurs entering the campus, SDUT could create better achievements with entrepreneurs and provide more high-quality talents for the economic and social development of Zibo City.

In his speech, LI Xue introduced the enterprises of Zibo Science and Technology Innovation Association, thanked the campaign for providing a high-quality resource platform with strong support for the development of science and technology innovation enterprises and said that he would promote the collaboration of SDUT and enterprises and jointly contribute to the improvement of urban quality and energy level.

School leaders and entrepreneurs jointly launched the entrepreneurs entering campus campaign.

After the launching ceremony, FENG Shuai, general manager of Luwei Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., and YANG Bing, chairman of Shandong Xinjing Group and managing director of Citizen (China) Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., gave keynote speeches, respectively introducing their enterprise development and demand for talents. It was hoped that students would join the company and the company would provide strong support for the development of them. The two entrepreneurs and on-site students conducted an mutual selection activity and more than 20 students became students of the two entrepreneurs. In the coming year, the two entrepreneurs would provide their students with practical learning opportunities in the enterprises and train them to become backup talents of enterprises with all-round development.

LYU Chuanyi and the participating entrepreneurs went to the job fair of Zibo Science and Technology Innovation Association to learn about the recruitment situation. LYU Chuanyi and his delegation had exchanges with recruiters, heads of relevant schools, student staff and job-seeking students. 52 enterprises attended the fair, 1208 jobs were provided and 172 persons with employment intention were preliminarily reached on the spot.

Entrepreneurs Entering Campus Campaign is a brand activity jointly created by the Cooperation and Development Department, Office of Student Affairs as well as Innovation and Entrepreneurship School. Well-known entrepreneurs would regularly be invited to carry out exchanges on campus. A normal platform for information exchange, cultural interaction, resource complementarity and talent supply and demand docking between excellent enterprises and SUDT would be built. In order to promote excellent corporate culture into campus, guide the flow of the high-quality resources of SDUT to enterprises and generate the superposition effect of coordinated development between school and enterprises, mutual benefit as well as win-win results.

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