2022 Opening Ceremony and Military Training Mobilization Meeting Held


This golden fruitful autumn witnessed the opening ceremony for first-year students and their military training mobilization meeting held by SDUT at the Central Stadium on the morning of August 30th. More than 10,000 youthful and vigorous new students from all over the country gathered at Jixia Lake to start a new life.

HU Xingyu, Secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, attending the opening ceremony and the military training mobilization meeting

President LI Yuxia delivering a speech at the opening ceremony and military training mobilization meeting

Vice President CHEN Jing presiding over the opening ceremony and the military training mobilization meeting

School leaders HU Xingyu, LI Yuxia, DENG Changliang, YANG Yun, SU Shoubo, NIE Faliang, CHEN Shengwei, CUI Huangyong, Colonel SUN Hongcheng of Mobilization Office of Zibo Military Division, Lieutenant Colonel MENG Bo of Warfare Construction Office of Zibo Military Division, heads of relevant functional departments of SDUT and deans of all academic schools attended the ceremony. Vice president CHEN Jing presided over the ceremony.

The ceremony officially began with the grand and sonorous National Anthem with the solemn national-flag-raising ceremony.

President LI Yuxia expressed her heartfelt congratulations and a warm welcome to the 2022 freshmen on behalf of all teachers, students and staff. She extended her cordial greetings and sincere gratitude to their parents and teachers who nurtured them and all sectors of the society who cared for and supported them. Focusing on how to continue to write the youth chapter of “making a difference” in the “promising” new era in the face of the future, she put forward three hopes to the students. First, they should set their youth course with the ambition of “letting me build a strong country”, understand and think about problems from a global perspective, keep an eye on the primary strategic needs of the country, pay attention to the international academic frontier, and strive to become a pioneering force in promoting reform and innovation. Second, they should write the chapter on youth with the backbone of “letting me struggle”, transform the backbone into the spirit of bravely standing at the forefront, the life pursuit of doing business and entrepreneurship, and the driving force of talent growth, and try to be the future leader. Third, they should bloom their youth dreams with the confidence of “letting me create success”, increase their knowledge and ability, undergo practical training, strengthen their professional foundation, and take the initiative in future competition and development.

For the upcoming military training for undergraduates and college students, LI hoped that students would listen to the command, strictly abide by the discipline, train hard, and complete the training tasks with enthusiasm and high morale, so as to lay a solid foundation for their future study life.

YANG Fengtang spoke on behalf of all teachers and encouraged students to have a meaningful college life.

WEI Jiatong spoke on behalf of all enrolled students, wishing everyone a fulfilling, wonderful and meaningful time at SDUT.

ZHANG Haozhe made a speech on behalf of all the freshmen, saying that he should always keep in mind the school motto of “Integrity, Learning, Commitment, Perfection”, and become “a man of the era who is worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation”.

School leaders and Zibo Military Division leaders wore university badges for 2022 student representatives.

HU Xingyu, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, granted the flag to the military training group on behalf of the university.

Under the leadership of GAO Yingrui, a 2022 undergraduate, all freshmen solemnly pledged.

The ceremony ended with the vehement and heroic school song “You Accompany Me”.

It was reported that this year SDUT had enrolled 9335 undergraduates and college students and 1637 postgraduates.

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