SDUT Holds Symposium for Soliciting Opinions on Work Report of Party Committee of Fourth Party Congress


On September 1st and 2nd, SDUT held symposia for the secretaries of grass-roots Party organizations, representatives of management staff, deans of academic schools, representatives of democratic Parties, representatives of teaching and research staff, representatives of retired comrades and representatives of student Party members to widely solicit opinions and suggestions on the work report of the Party Committee of the Fourth Party Congress of SDUT. Leaders HU Xingyu, LI Yuxia, DENG Changliang, YANG Yun, SU Shoubo, NIE Faliang, GUO Qingbing, CHEN Shengwei, CUI Huanyong, CONG Hailin and CHEN Jing attended the symposium.

At the symposium, the participants proceeded from the overall situation of the development of SDUT, combining their own realities, put forward many constructive opinions and suggestions around the main framework of the work report of the Party Committee of the Party Congress as well as the development goals, specific goals, work ideas and key work of SDUT.

The leaders listened carefully and fully affirmed the opinions and suggestions put forward by everyone and asked the relevant personnel to carefully sort out these opinions and suggestions and totally absorb them into the work report of the Party Committee of the Fourth Party Congress so as to form a high-quality report as soon as possible, make the process of soliciting opinions truly become a process of unifying ideas, building consensus, promoting democracy and gathering wisdom and lay a good ideological foundation for the convening of the Party Congress.

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