Mobilization and Deployment Meeting for Party Building Demonstration and Quality Improvement Held


On the afternoon of November 24th, SDUT held a mobilization and deployment meeting for the Party building demonstration and quality improvement (PBDQI) at Art Center Auditorium, deployed and promoted the work in Party organizations at all levels, effectively enhanced the quality of Party building, and led the high-quality development of SDUT with high-quality Party building.

Hu Xingyu, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, attended the meeting and made a speech. Deng Changliang and Yang Yun, deputy secretaries of the Party Committee of SDUT, Ma Guosheng, standing member of the Party Committee and minister of the Organization Department of SDUT, Liu Xingqing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and minister of the Publicity Department and Teachers’ Work Department of SDUT, LYU Yanping, member of the Standing Committee of the Party committee and minister of the United Front Work Department of SDUT, members of the special team of PBDQI, secretaries of Party organizations and Party branches of secondary units attended the meeting. Deng Changliang hosted the meeting.

Sun Qigao, director of the School Organization Department of Shandong Provincial Department of Education (Education Working Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee), was specially invited to give a guidance report on the work of PBDQI online. Sun Qigao gave in-depth and detailed instructions on the background significance, connotation requirements, concentrations, and issues to be noticed in carrying out the work of PBDQI.

Ma Guosheng interpreted the “Implementation Plan for Party Building Demonstration and Quality Improvement” from four aspects: drafting process, central considerations, main framework and content, and key points to be grasped, and made a primary deployment for the Party organizations at the school level to carry out PBDQI.

In his speech, Hu Xingyu put forward three suggestions for conducting PBDQI. Firstly, we should improve our political standing and fully understand the importance of carrying out PBDQI and promoting the quality of Party building. Secondly, we should shoulder our responsibilities, accurately grasp and fully implement the tasks of the PBDQI. Thirdly, we should do a good job in integration and lead the cause of high-quality development with high-quality Party building.

Deng Changliang presided over the meeting and put forward requirements on implementing the spirit of this meeting and organizing the work of PBDQI.

It is reported that the main goal of the current round of PBDQI is to comprehensively implement the general requirements of Party building in the new era and the Party’s organizational line in the new era, strengthen the overall leadership of the Party, enhance the political and organizational functions of grass-roots Party organizations of SDUT, give full play to the role of political leadership, ideological cohesion and organizational assurance of grass-roots Party organizations, and promote the deep integration of Party building and career development.At the university level, about 5 “Party Building Benchmark Departments” and 15 “Party Building Model Branches” will be selected and cultivated. To be selected, applied for, cultivated, and created are 1 to 2 national and provincial “Party Building Benchmark Departments” and 3 to 4 national and provincial “Party Building Model Branches”.The Party Committee of SDUT will actively apply for the titles of the national and provincial “Model University of Party Building”. At this work the Party Committee of SDUT will adhere to the principle of “Promoting construction by application, focusing on construction”, “Three-level linkage, full participation”, “Integrated promotion and co-construction” and “Comprehensive creation and key breakthrough”. It is divided into four stages, namely, targeting and upgrading, selecting and applying, cultivating and creating as well as consolidating and promoting.

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