High-level Discipline Construction Scheme Argumentation Meeting Held


SDUT held a high-level discipline construction scheme review and argumentation meeting at the conference room on the ninth floor of the Hongyuan Building on the afternoon of September 6th. The expert group members came from Qingdao University, Harbin Institute of Technology (Weihai), Qingdao University of Science and Technology, Shandong Normal University, Jinan University and Qingdao Agricultural University. Hu Xingyu, CPC Party Committee secretary of SDUT, Li Yuxia, president of SDUT, Su Shoubo, Chen Shengwei and Cong Hailin, vice presidents and members of the Standing Committee of SDUT, attended the meeting.

The meeting was convened into two stages. The first stage was presided over by Li Yuxia. Hu Xingyu briefly introduced the basic situation of SDUT and sincerely hoped that the expert group members could review the construction plan and valuable suggestions would be most welcome for the discipline construction of SDUT.

The second stage was the report on the high-level discipline construction plan of SDUT, presided over by Xia Dongwei, the expert group leader and the president of Qingdao University. Cong Hailin reported the high-level discipline construction scheme of SDUT, and the heads of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Marxist Theory, Mathematics, Material Science and Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and other disciplines reported in turn. After the meeting, the experts attending the meeting visited the Laser High-end Manufacturing Research Center, Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, New Polyurethane Materials Research Institute, Ecological Unmanned Farm Research Institute, Clean Energy Engineering Technology Research Center, Smart Grid Research Institute, etc.

On the morning of September 7th, the feedback meeting on the high-level discipline construction scheme argumentation was held at the conference room on the ninth floor of the Hongyuan Building. Members of the expert group and school leaders Hu Xingyu, Li Yuxia, Su Shoubo, Chen Shengwei and Cong Hailin attended. The feedback meeting was hosted by Xia Dongwei.

Xia Dongwei read out the feedback on behalf of the expert group. The expert group members suggested improving the high-level discipline construction scheme of SDUT in terms of discipline layout, construction objectives, team building, and connotation construction.

Hu Xingyu made a statement on behalf of SDUT. He expressed his gratitude to the expert group for their suggestions, and said that SDUT would carefully analyze and study each suggestion, and fully absorb them into the revision and improvement of the construction scheme and mission statement. In order to ensure the completion of the construction goals as scheduled and accelerate the development of the relevant disciplines, Hu Xingyu made four commitments on behalf of the university: firstly, to strengthen the organizational guarantee; secondly, to intensify the institutional guarantee; thirdly, to reinforce the financial guarantee, and fourthly, to fortify the talent guarantee.

Heads of relevant functional departments and schools of SDUT attended the two meetings.

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