SDUT participates in Eighth Nishan Forum on World Civilization


2022 Eighth Nishan Forum on World Civilization was held in Qufu from September 26th to 28th. Li Yuxia, president of SDUT, Chen Shengwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, and six experts and scholars from Qi Culture Research Institute, were invited to participate in relevant theme activities of the forum.

Li Yuxia, on behalf of SDUT as one of the organizers, attended the Sino-Greek Dialogue on Classical Civilization in Nishan with the theme of “Origin and Prospect: The Origin and Future of Civilization”. At the dialogue meeting, the publication of Collection of Essays of Comparative Study of the Jixia Academy and the Platonic Academy, jointly published by SDUT and the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, was officially released as an important achievement in the study of Sino-Greek classical civilization in Shandong Province. More than 30 well-known experts and scholars from China, Greece, Egypt, India, Iran, Peru and other countries exchanged ideas on topics such as “Road of Sino-Greek Classical Civilization in the Vision of World Civilization”, “Philosophers and Society in the Era of Axial Civilization”, “Cultural Exchanges and Innovation between China and the West under the Concept of Mutual Learning of Civilizations”, and “Civilization Dialogue and the Future of World Civilization”. Wang Zhimin, former vice chairman of Shandong Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, distinguished professor of SDUT and chief expert of the major project of the Ministry of Education, gave a speech entitled “Gemini in the History of World Education - A Comparative Outline of Jixia Academy and Platonic Academy”. Five other experts of Qi culture, including Gong Yueguo, submitted papers for the conference, which were compiled into the collection of this dialogue.

Chen Shengwei participated in the Nishan Forum for Presidents of Prestigious Chinese and Foreign Universities under the theme of “Responsibility and Mission of Universities in the Context of a New Round of Scientific and Technological Revolution and Industrial Transformation”, and more than 70 presidents and vice presidents from Peking University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University, Beijing Normal University, University of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Sungkyunkwan University, Heriot-Watt University, University of Arizona, Yamaguchi University and other universities at home and abroad, conversed on the “way of university” online and offline.

Professor Robert Clive Landis, president of the Cave Hill Campus of the University of West India (a sister school of SDUT), and Professor Ioannis Kalogerakos, a professor at the School of Philosophy of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, were invited to get involved in the above activities by submitting papers or online videos.

The theme of 8th Nishan World Civilization Forum is “Diversity of Human Civilizations and Common Values of Human Beings”. More than 800 experts, scholars, diplomatic envoys to China and other guests gathered in Nishan online and offline to attend the grand gathering of thoughts and consensus on civilization.

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