2022 International Conference on Theory and Computation of Partial Differential Equations Held


The 2022 International Conference on Theory and Computation of Partial Differential Equations was held in the conference room on the second floor of the north Xingyuan Hotel from November 26th to 27th. Jiang Song and Tang Tao, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Li Yuxia, president of SDUT, and Chen Jing, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, attended the conference. More than 100 domestic and foreign experts, scholars, teachers, and graduate students in related fields participated in the forum online and offline.

Li Yuxia delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. She pointed out that mathematics, as a basic discipline, was known as the “crown of natural science” and was an important source of power to enhance the national innovation ability and implement the innovation-driven development strategy. This conference was a grand event in the field of international partial differential equation theory and calculation. She hoped that experts, scholars, teachers and students could take this opportunity to strengthen the exchange of academic ideas and the latest achievements, so as to promote the construction of mathematics discipline of SDUT to a new level.

Jiang Song said in his speech that the theory and calculation of partial differential equations was an important research field of modern mathematics, which was closely linked with many disciplines. It was not only significant in mathematical theory but also had important applications in science, technology and engineering. The exchange content of this meeting is very rich and covers a wide range of areas. It is of great significance to stimulate new thoughts and ideas, and promote the coordinated development of the basic theory of partial differential equations and cross-application research.

During the conference, Tang Tao, an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chen Hua, a professor of Wuhan University, together with 14 well-known scholars and experts from the United States, Romania, Japan, Singapore, and well-known domestic and foreign universities, were invited to give a special academic report. 19 domestic scholars and graduate students gave reports in their respective groups.

It is reported that this international conference was hosted by SDUT and organized by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, aiming to further implement the “Work Plan on Strengthening the Research of Mathematical Science” jointly issued by the four national departments, strengthen the communication and cooperation between domestic and foreign scholars in the research of partial differential equations and promote the integration of mathematics and engineering technology. This conference is of great significance to accelerate the cultivation of innovative high-end talents and help SDUT build a high-level university and the development of mathematics discipline.

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