uests from WSU Visit SDUT


On the afternoon of March 2, XIU Huajing, vice president of International Cooperation at Wayne State University (WSU) of the United States, visited SDUT. CUI Huanyong, the member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, had a talk with the guest on behalf of SDUT. The heads of the International Exchange & Cooperation Office, the School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering, the School of Literature, Journalism & Mass Media, and the School of International Education attended the meeting. 

CUI Huanyong extended a warm welcome to Ms. Xiu and gave a brief introduction to SDUT. CUI expressed his hope for the enhancement of communication and cooperation between teachers and students of the two universities after the international flow of personnel is normalized. He hoped that the two sides could jointly explore effective ways of cooperation, especially in SDUT’s key disciplines, and carry out cooperation to achieve complementary advantages.

XIU introduced the discipline setting, the international student exchange programs, the professors’ summer lectures to China, and the Sino-foreign cooperation of WSU. Between the two parties an in-depth discussion was also conducted on the joint implementation of the 2+2 undergraduate dual-degree program, the 3+2 bachelor’s to master’s degree program, the 1+1 graduate joint training program and the scholarship support.

In the discussion, both parties agreed on the cooperation intentions concerning teacher-student communication, joint training of students, and training of teachers in international Chinese education. 

After the discussion, XIU gave a lecture introducing the graduate admission policy of WSU for students who have interest in studying abroad. She also shared her personal experience of studying abroad and pointed out the significance of studying abroad to help students prepare themselves physically, mentally, linguistically, and academically. After the lecture, XIU had one-on-one on-site interviews with several students.

WSU, founded in 1868, is a well-known public research university (R1) in the United States. As one of the three comprehensive research public universities in Michigan, WSU boasts an engineering school that ranks among the top 100 across the world, and a medical school that ranks 22nd among the 125 medical schools in the United States. The medical school has trained many famous doctors, including Bethune, and is also the first medical school in the world to perform thoracotomy. With an annual research fund of more than 300 million US dollars, WSU is rated as one of the top 50 research public universities in the United States by the National Science Foundation (of the U.S.).

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