SDUT Selected as National Intellectual Property Information Service Center


Recently, the Office of China National Intellectual Property Administration and the General Office of the Ministry of Education jointly released the list of the fourth batch of national intellectual property information service centers for colleges and universities. A total of 23 colleges and universities were selected nationwide, and SDUT was successfully listed, being the only university selected in this batch in Shandong Province.

The selection and construction of national intellectual property information service centers for colleges and universities aim to carry out the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping to “form a convenient and accessible intellectual property public service system so that the fruits of innovation can better benefit the people”, implement the “Outline for the Construction of a Strong Intellectual Property State (2021-2025)”, “14th Five-Year Plan for National Intellectual Property Protection and Utilization” and “14th Five-Year Plan for Intellectual Property Public Services” to improve the construction of the important national public service network for intellectual property information, enhance the information public service capability of universities in the whole chain of intellectual property creation, application, protection, management, and service, and effectively promote the capability and level of intellectual property work in universities.

SDUT has always paid great attention to the administration of intellectual property. In April 2018, SDUT established an Intellectual Property Information Service Center attached to the library. The center has been focusing on the transformation of old and new driving forces in Shandong Province and the innovation-driven development strategy of Zibo City, providing high-quality public welfare targeted intellectual property information services such as cutting-edge detection of science and technology, competitive cooperation situation analysis and enterprise technology layout for Shandong Provincial People’s Government and regional economy, and regularly released think tank products such as the annual report of intellectual property information analysis and industrial technology trend forecast report, so as to give full play to the role of intellectual property as a booster for scientific and technological innovation as well as economic and social development.

The head of relevant departments said that the center would take this selection as an opportunity to focus on the strategic deployment of national and Shandong intellectual property work, give full play to the advantages of colleges and universities, enrich service content, innovate service measures, and provide strong intellectual property service support for scientific and technological innovation of the university and regional economic development.

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