2023 China-Russia Bilateral Conference on Porous Media Combustion and Energy Saving Technology Held


SDUT held the 2023 China-Russia Bilateral Conference on Porous Medium Combustion and Energy Saving Technology online and offline simultaneously from June 8th to 10th. More than 160 experts and scholars from China and Russia, focusing on the theme of “Green, Energy-Saving, High-Efficiency, Development”, talked about the development of porous medium combustion and energy-saving technology to seek sustainable development.

CUI Huanyong, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. Heads of the Science & Technology Division, the Office of International Exchange & Cooperation and the School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering attended the meeting, together with representatives of the faculty and students . The meeting was hosted by Professor LIU Yongqi, dean of the Energy Conservation Technology Research Institute of SDUT.

CUI Huanyong said the conference was held to provide a platform for experts and scholars in power engineering and engineering thermophysics at home and abroad to address scientific issues in this field and share the latest results, thus to promote the discipline’s far-reaching development. It was hoped that this conference would turn out to be an opportunity for strengthening further in-depth exchanges between SDUT and other universities and research institutes at home and abroad, promoting international scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, enhancing the internationalization of scientific research, and providing students with more chances for international learning and exchanges.

The conference concludes a total of 4 invited presentations and 11 special presentations.

In the session of invited reports, Professor Igor Yakovlev from the Tomsk State University of Russia and Professor Roman Fusenko from the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences reported, respectively, on the topics of “Hole Scale Numerical Simulation and Narrow Channels of Flame Dynamics of Combustion in Porous Medium” and “Non-stationary Phenomena in Combustion Process in Porous Medium.” Professor LI Benwen from Dalian University of Technology and Professor SHI Junrui from SDUT made reports on the topics of “Research on Combustion in Porous Media and its Industrial Applications” and “Low Calorific Values of Gases Burning in Porous Mediums,” respectively.

Associate Professor LI Jun from Tianjin University, Professor YUAN Han from Ocean University of China, Professor WANG Cuiping from Shandong University of Science and Technology, and Professor HE Fang from SDUT made brilliant reports on their new progress in Porous medium combustion and energy-saving technology. Experts and scholars attending the meeting had a heated discussion on the relevant issues in Porous medium combustion and energy-saving technology and answered students’ questions on the spot.

During the conference, participants visited the Porous Medium Combustion Laboratory, Low Calorific Value Fuel Combustion Laboratory, and the China-German International Joint Laboratory for Decentralized Flexible Energy Systems of the School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering. Some participating experts and scholars held a discussion at room 548 of the mechanical transportation experimental building to discuss the next steps of cooperation.

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