The MBA Program Passed the External Experts Review of the Periodic Qualification Assessment


On June 25th, the external experts review meeting was held on the periodic qualification assessment of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in room 229 of the MBA Education Center on the east campus. Experts from the field of business administration were invited to conduct on-site assessments. CHEN Shengwei, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The head of the Graduate Studies' Office, the head of the MBA Education Guidance Committee of SDUT, leadership team members, teacher representatives, and graduate student representatives of the School of Economics and the School of Management joined in the assessments.

The expert group was headed by Professor WANG Ruihua from the Central University of Finance and Economics, a member of the National Master of Business Administration Education Guidance Committee and chairman of the MBA Degree Working Committee. WANG Ping, director of the Secretariat of the National MBA Education Guidance Committee, Shandong MBA Education Guidance Committee members, and industry experts are group members.

CHEN Shengwei welcomed and appreciated the arrival of all experts on behalf of SDUT. He earnestly requested all experts to inquire and check the discipline from aspects such as target positioning, research direction, teaching staff, talent cultivation, scientific research, academic exchange, resource allocation, and institutional construction, to sort out the existing problems and shortcomings and offer valuable opinions and suggestions, so as to guarantee the discipline further sustainable improvement in the quality, structure, and scale of graduate education, which ensures a continuous progress in graduate student cultivation, improvement of the core competitiveness of this discipline, and the ability to serve economic and social development.

WANG Xinjun, the head of Teaching Affair Office at the MBA Education Center, reported on the education objectives, degree standards, advantages and highlights, talent cultivation, social contributions, existing problems, and the future plan. The attending experts listened to the report attentively, reviewed the supporting materials in details, conducted on-site inquiries and inspections, and carried out interviews with representatives of teachers and students.

Through the assessment, the expert group highly affirmed the MBA program of SDUT, issuing the following opinions: first this program was reasonably positioned, the training program was standard, the education quality supporting was effective, and had gradually formed its own characteristics in innovation and entrepreneurship education, which had contributed to local economic development; second this program enjoyed sufficient faculty, sound teaching conditions, standardized and strict management, and students’ positive feedback. At the same time, the expert group pointed out the problems existing in management mode and enrollment scale, and offered suggestions on continuous optimization of highlighting characteristics. The expert group unanimously agreed that the assessment materials for the MBA program were objective, complete, and standardized, meeting the requirements and standards for the program assessment. The MBA program passed the periodic qualification assessment.

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