Agricultural Engineering Doctoral Degree Program Passed External Experts Peer-review


SDUT held a meeting of periodic qualification assessment of the doctoral degree program of agricultural engineering in room 1109 of No. 6 experiment building on May 13th, inviting experts from the discipline of agricultural engineering to carry out an on-site assessment of the program. CUI Huanyong, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

The assessment expert group was headed by Prof. HAN Lujia of China Agricultural University, the convenor of the Eighth Agricultural Engineering Discipline Review Group of the State Council, the leader of the National Collaboration Group for Professional Degree in Agricultural Engineering, and the secretary general of the Teaching Guidance Committee for Agricultural Engineering in Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. The members included: Prof. HE Yong of Zhejiang University, secretary general of the Eighth Agricultural Engineering Discipline Review Group of the State Council, Prof. YANG Yinsheng of Jilin University, Prof. FU Qiang of Northeast Agricultural University, Prof. MA Xu of South China Agricultural University, Prof. YOU Tianyan of Jiangsu University, members of the Eighth Agricultural Engineering Discipline Review Group of the State Council, Prof. WANG Dongwei of Qingdao Agricultural University, a member of the Discipline Review Group of Shandong Province, and Prof. YU Gaohong, director of the Development and Planning Department of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.

CUI Huanyong said that the construction of the program was a carrier and an important part of the construction of academic disciplines. The assessment was not only a “big test” for the program under assessment but also a significant opportunity to improve the level of program running and the quality of talent cultivation. Agricultural engineering was one of the advantageous and characteristic disciplines of SDUT, and he hoped that the experts assessed the program in details and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions. And the relevant departments and schools of SDUT will carefully study the experts’ views and put forward the improvement measures to further improve the quality of graduates’ cultivation and the level of the discipline.

The head of the discipline made a report on the aspects of training objectives, degree standards, advantages and characteristics, talent cultivation, service contribution, as well as deficiencies and rectification plans. Participating experts listened carefully to the report, scrutinized the supporting materials, and held talks with teachers and students.

Through the on-site assessment, the expert group fully affirmed the construction of the program and unanimously agreed that the assessment materials of the Agricultural Engineering doctoral degree program are objective, complete and standardized, which are in line with the requirements and standards of the assessment of the degree authorization point, and agreed to pass the qualified assessment.

Relevant leaders of the Graduate Studies’ Office, members of the leadership team, discipline leaders, faculty representatives, and graduate student representatives of the College of Agriculture and Engineering and Food Science attended the meeting.

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