SDUT Participates in 14th China’s Laser Processing Industrial Summit


The 14th China’s Laser Processing Industrial Summit opened in Zichuan on April 13th. CUI Huanyong, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, attended the summit and delivered a speech. The head of the Science and Technology Division and representatives of teachers and students from the School of Mechanical Engineering participated in the forum.

Co-sponsored by the Laser Processing Committee of the Chinese Optical Society and the People’s Government of Zichuan District, the forum was addressed by TIAN Bingbing, secretary of Zichuan District Party Committee, and ZHOU Shouhuan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and attended by more than 300 experts, professors, and entrepreneurs in the field of laser processing from home and abroad.

CUI Huanyong introduced the basic situation of SDUT and the development of the High-End Laser Manufacturing Research Center in his speech. He stressed that SDUT took the initiative in serving the local development and considered it the “main battlefield”. He hoped to take this opportunity to strengthen close cooperation with scientific research institutes and enterprises, innovate cooperation models, and actively serve regional economic and social development by integrating scientific research forces, establishing academic teams, and selecting the main direction of efforts.

After the opening ceremony, the dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering presided over the presentations and made a special academic report. The forum ended on April 14th.

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