SDUT Approved as 1st Batch of MIIT’s Construction Project for School of Specialized and Sophisticated Industries with Novel and Unique Products


Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced the list for construction of the first batch of ministry-sponsoredschools of specializedand sophisticated industry with novel and unique products, and the “spatial information” project submitted by SDUT was listed among them.

In September 2022, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Promotion Center of MIIT officially issued the “Notice on Organizing and Carrying Out the Construction of ‘School of Specialized and Sophisticated Industry with Novel and Unique Products’”, aiming toselect universities with solid schooling foundation and strong industrial service capability nationwide, collaborating with enterprises withspecial and sophisticated technologies that produce novel and unique products, critical leading enterprises in key industrial chains, local (prefecture level or above) small and medium-sized enterprise centers, industry associations and industrial parks, relying on the advantages and distinctive majors, to jointly build 100 to 150 schools of specialized and sophisticated industry that produce novel and unique products to deepen cooperation between relevant entities and universities, and create a batch of new industrial talent training carriers that integrate scientific research and teaching, practical training, entrepreneurship and employment, as well as social services. The notice said to explore constructing a new talent training model with deep integration of production and education and form a replicable, promotable, and practical demonstration talent training system.

After the “Spatial Information” program being approved, SDUT would rely on the advantageous disciplines related to spatial information, as well as the national and provincial first-class undergraduate specialties such as geo-spatial information engineering, civil engineering, surveying and mapping engineering, agricultural engineering, and computer science. SDUT would work together with Shandong Development and Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries, and Shandong Tianyuan Information Technology Group Co., Ltd. to explore the mode of construction of the modern industrial schools, to deepen the cooperation between the university and enterprises and the integration of the industry and education, and to explore the mechanism of achieving a win-win situation of both entities and by both entities and to realize the efficient utilization of the resources.

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