SDUT’s Teachers Win in 2023 Shandong Provincial Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers


From April 15th to 16th, the 2023 Teaching Innovation Competition for College Teachers of Shandong Province, which was hosted by the Department of Education of Shandong Province, ended in the Changqinghu Campus of Shandong Normal University. Teachers from SDUT won two first prizes, three second prizes, and four third prizes in the competition, including the course of “Analog Electronic Technology” by Zhang Yan’s team from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which was chosen as a national finalist.

With “Promoting Teaching Innovation and Cultivating First Class Talents”as the theme, and closely adhering to the core of building a high-quality education system, the competition was sorted into six groups, namely, the New Engineering Group, the New Medical Group, the New Agricultural Group, the New Liberal Arts Group, the Basic Curriculum Group, and the Curriculum Ideological and Political Group, to comprehensively examine the achievements of teachers in teaching concepts upgrade, teaching methods innovation, the leading role of curriculum ideological and political education, teaching teams building, and curriculum construction. More than 3500 teams and nearly 10,000 teachers from 71 undergraduate universities in Shandong province participated in the competition. After intense competition, 465 works were nominated for the provincial finals, and 144 works entered the on-site finals.

SDUT attached great importance to this competition, and the Teaching Affairs’ Office researched and developed the implementation plan, implemented it, and selected outstanding teachers to participate in the provincial preliminary competition through the preliminary competitions at both the school level and the university level successively. During the preparation period, experts from inside and outside the campus and former outstanding contestants were invited to conduct intensive training, furtherpolishing and multi-dimensional guidance on the material submission, presentation on teaching innovation results, supporting materials preparation for teaching innovation results, and report on teaching innovation design of the participating teachers. The participating teachers strengthened their training, overcame difficulties, and improved continuously, and they finally achieved excellent results.

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