SDUT and Weichai Group Jointly Build School of Intelligent Automobile Modern Industry


On the morning of July 3rd, the signing ceremony for the joint construction of the School of Intelligent Automobile Modern Industry (SIAMI) between SDUT and Weichai Group was held in the conference room on the ninth floor of Hongyuan building. CHEN Shengwei, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of SDUT, LU Wenwu, senior president of Weichai Group, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech respectively. Relevant heads of Weifang Industry Education Integration Research Institute, Weichai Vocational University and Weichai Power Human Resources Department, as well as heads of the Teaching Affairs’ Office, Cooperation and Development Office, and School of Transportation and Vehicle Engineering, participated in the ceremony.

CHEN Shengwei briefly introduced SDUT from four aspects: talent training system, scientific research platform, social service effectiveness as well as history and humanities heritage. He said SDUT and Weichai Holding Group, in the context of China and Shandong Province vigorously developing intelligent and new energy vehicle technology, jointly set up SIAMI, which was very beneficial for cultivating high-quality applied talents serving the intelligent and new energy vehicle industry and was of great significance for deepening the implementation of development strategies such as building leading country in science and technology, education, and talent. He hoped that the cooperation between the two sides would deepen and jointly cultivate more high-quality applied talents.

LU Wenwu said that Weichai and SDUT had a good foundation for cooperation, and he hoped to take the opportunity of jointly building SIAMI to further enhance communication, pool the joint efforts of the school and the enterprise, and jointly cultivate the much-needed application-oriented innovative talents in the new business sector.

The head of the Teaching Affairs’ Office and the relevant leader of Weichai Vocational University signed the agreement on the joint construction of the School of Intelligent Automobile Modern Industry on behalf of both parties.

The head of the Cooperation and Development Department introduced the external cooperation and exchange situation of SDUT. The attendees conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on deepening the construction of SIAMI, cultivating students with precise positioning, improving the quality of internship practice links, commonly attracting and sharing high-level talents, and building a community of the integration of industry and education. It is reported that the selection of students for the Weichai “Elite Class” of SIAMI will be launched soon.

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