Meeting on Discipline Construction Work Convened


On the afternoon of May 9th, SDUT held a special meeting on discipline construction work in the lecture hall of No. 3 teaching building to summarize the discipline assessment work and deploy further discipline construction work. LI Yuxia, president of SDUT, NIE Faliang, a member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and Ombudsman of SDUT, CHEN Shengwei, CONG Hailin, CHEN Jing, members of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice presidents of SDUT, attended the meeting. Heads of the relevant functional departments and the members of the leadership team of each graduate cultivation unit participated in the meeting.

LI Yuxia comprehensively elaborated on the connotation of disciplinary construction and its leading role in the development of SDUT, focused on the relationship between disciplinary construction and degree programsconstruction, systematically analyzed the tasks of discipline construction, and proposed to promote the high-quality development of discipline and degree program construction by clarifying the focus of the university management, strengthening the strong suits and highlighting the features, optimizing the layout of degree programs, strengthening talent cultivation, building a high-level disciplinary team, carrying out organized scientific research and social services, enhancing international exchange and cooperation, as well as strengthening Party building, and advancing the leading and supporting role of Party building.

CONG Hailin comprehensively summarized and analyzed the relevant situation of the participation in discipline evaluation, pointed out the problems in the discipline construction, and proposed specific ideas, measures, and work requirements on how to implement the task of discipline construction.

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