SDUT Holds 3rd Session of 4th Faculty and Staff Congress


SDUT held the third session of the fourth Faculty Congress and the third session of the fourth Staff Congress in the lecture hall of No.3 teaching building on March 9th, and nearly 300 official representatives, delegates, and invited representatives focused on the implementation of the fourth Party Congress and the “14th Five-Year Plan” development planning goals and tasks and planned the work in 2023.

The main tasks of the congress were: to deeply study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of the 20th Party Congress, to deepen the implementation of the goals and tasks set by the Fourth Party Congress of SDUT and the “14th Five-Year Plan”, to systematically review and summarize the work of SDUT in 2022, and make clear the overall requirements and objectives of the work of the year 2023. Under the leadership of the Party Committee of SDUT, the congress further clarified ideas and unified the understanding, united and led teachers and students to practice their love and dedication, reinforce their responsibility, overcome difficulties, forge ahead, and struggle to achieve breakthroughs in the construction of the high-level university.

School leaders HU Xingyu, LI Yuxia, DENG Changliang, YANG Yun, NIE Faliang, GUO Qingbing, CHEN Shengwei, CUI Huanyong, CONG Hailin, CHEN Jing, MA Guosheng, and LYU Yanping attended the congress.

HU Xingyu, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, presided over the preparatory meeting and opening ceremony. He pointed out that he hoped that all representatives would have in-depth discussions around the work report and the key points of work of SDUT in 2023, actively offer suggestions, contribute their wisdom, jointly plan the goals, tasks, and work measures in 2023, actively participate in the construction of SDUT, practice dedication, strengthen responsibility, overcome difficulties and forge ahead to build a high-level teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics.

President LI Yuxia made a work report entitled “Overcoming Difficulties, Pioneering and Forging Ahead, Striving for a New Breakthrough in the Construction of a High-level University” on behalf of SDUT. The report was divided into two parts: the review of the work in 2022 and the main tasks in 2023.

The report systematically reviewed and summarized the achievements in 2022 from three aspects: adhering to the leadership of the Party and firmly grasping the correct direction of running the school; persisting in the principle of doing practical work and promoting high-quality development of the cause; insisting on the principle of putting teachers and students first, and constantly improving people’s well-being, and then indicated some problems and shortcomings that still exist.

The report emphasizes that in 2023, we should focus on eight aspects of work: unswervingly adhere to and strengthen the overall leadership of the Party; comprehensively deepen the reform and fully stimulate the vitality of running the school; implement the strategy of strengthening the advantageous disciplines and promote the leapfrog development of discipline construction; perform the fundamental task of cultivating morality and improving the effectiveness of education; carry out the strategy of prioritizing and precise development of talents, and accelerate the construction of high-level teaching staff; improve the construction of scientific research and innovation capabilities, and enhance the contribution of social services; reinforce the opening up to the outside world and boost the international influence of education; optimize the service and guarantee system and upgrade the construction of peace and harmony on the campus.

After the opening ceremony, the delegates were divided into 11 delegations. They discussed in groups the work report, the work point (draft) of 2023, the financial work report, and the staff congress report and put forward plenty of opinions and suggestions.

After the group discussion, HU Xingyu hosted a meeting of the presidium in room 311 of No.3 teaching building, listened to the discussions of various delegations and the report on the collection of proposals for the third session of the fourth faculty and staff congress, and discussed and passed the draft resolutions on the work report, 2023 work points, financial work report, and staff congress work report of SDUT.

DENG Changliang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, chaired the closing ceremony. CHEN Xuexing, deputy director of the fourth Proposal Working Committee of SDUT, made a report on the proposal work and informed the implementation of the proposal handling of the second session of the fourth faculty congress and the collection of proposals for this faculty congress. It is reported that this congress received 153 proposals from delegates, of which 39 were teaching, 6 were scientific research, 17 were personnel and talent, 6 were student management, 61 were security services, and 24 were comprehensive.

The delegates voted to adopt the resolutions on the work report, 2023 work points, financial work report, and staff congress work report of SDUT.

DENG Changliang put forward requirements for the implementation of the spirit of this congress.

Amidst the school song, the third session of the Faculty Congress and Staff Congress of SDUT successfully concluded.

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