SDUT holds Meeting on Theme-centered Education of the Study and Implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era


On the afternoon of April 15th, SDUT held a meeting in the University Art Center Auditorium on the theme-centered education of the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important expositions and made arrangements for theme-centered education in SDUT according to the decisions and requirements of the Party Central Committee.

LI Qiang, deputy head of the 23rd patrol steering group, attended the meeting and made a speech. HU Xingyu, secretary of the Party Committee of SDUT, presided over the meeting and made a speech.

On behalf of the Party Committee of the SDUT, HU Xingyu deployed the theme-centered education program. He said that carrying out the theme-centered education is an necessary requirement to enhance cohesion with Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the objective requirement to carry out the fundamental task of nurturing morality and fostering talents through education and promoting the high-quality development of the SDUT, and an important measure to adhere to and strengthen the Party’s overall leadership of SDUT and lead the high-quality development of SDUT with high-quality Party building.

HU Xingyu required that we should comprehensively and accurately grasp the general requirements, fundamental tasks and specific goals of the theme-centered education, work creatively in accordance with the situation of SDUT, advance and consolidate as a whole the five key measures -theoretical learning, investigation and research, further development, review and rectification, rules and regulations stipulation, and complete the tasks of theme-centered education in high standards and quality. The first was to enhance cohesion and strengthen the theme-centered education. It was necessary to study theory comprehensively and creatively so that the Party’s innovative theory was better loved, recognized, and applied by teachers and students. The second was to insist on seeking truth from facts and promoting investigation and research. Cadres of and above middle position of SDUT should walk into the people to find the research topics, do well in the transformation of the research outcomes, and timely transform the research opinions into ideas and policies to advance the work. The third is to do solid work and go all out to push the development. It was necessary to deepen the understanding of the development goals, work ideas and tasks determined by the Fourth Party Congress of the SDUT, and propel the implementation of various goals and tasks. The fourth was to strengthen supervision, inspection and rectification. It was essential to adhere to the pattern of study, compare, inspect, and rectify, and rectify problems throughout the education. It also should stick to the combination of classified rectification and centralized rectification to ensure effectiveness. The fifth was to persist in normal long-term inspection, and promote the establishment of rules and regulations. It is necessary to adhere to the combination of “immediate rectification” and “long-term establishment”, pay attention to solving problems from the system and mechanism, establish a long-term mechanism to consolidate and deepen the outcomes of the theoretical study program, and take the implementation of rules and regulations as an important content of carrying out the responsibility of implementing full and strict governance over the Party and building primary-level Party.

HU Xingyu stressed that the Party organizations at all levels of SDUT should strengthen their responsibility, carefully make plans, and effectively organize and carry out the theme-centered education. The Party organizations should implement the responsibility, adhere to strict supervision and practical guidance, and strive to achieve substantial achievements. The fruits of the theme-centered education will be transformed into a real sense of gain for teachers and students and an “excellent performance” to promote the construction of a high-level university.

Members of the 23rd patrol steering group of the Provincial Party Committee attended the meeting. The leadership group, middle-level cadres, and secretaries of Party branches of SDUT participated in the meeting.

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