Teaching and Research

   Shandong University of Technology regards the building of a high-quality faculty as the foundation for its development, firmly establishing the idea that “Human resource ranks No. 1 among all resources”, so the University makes talents in career, gathers talents with culture, and motivates talents by systems. According to the faculty building principle of “gathering talents, cultivating teams and producing masters”, the University lays equal stress on cultivating and introducing scholars, improving degrees and capabilities, as well as enhancing ethics, teaching and research in faculty building. With the systematic and step-by-step plan, various relevant programs are carried out, including teachers’ degree advancing program, excellent visiting scholars program, overseas talents introduction program, and young teachers’ development program.

   The University now hosts many influential scholars and academic leaders at home and abroad who contribute to a faculty of high educational level, good discipline structure, strong teaching and research capability and reasonable age structure with the dedicated innovation spirit.

   Among 1,924 members of the faculty, there are 236 professors and 653 associate professors. 525 faculty members have doctorate degrees. 16 hold the honor of State Young and Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions, or candidates of the National New Century 100, 1,000 and 10,000 Talents Project or recipients of the State Council Special Allowance. 7 are members of National Teaching Guidance Committee. 6 professors are voted as the standing directors of national first-level academic societies. 34 professors are respectively granted with the title of Mount Tai Scholar(overseas) Distinguished Professor, Young and Middle-Aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province, or Teaching Masters of Shandong Province. 45 faculty members are doctoral tutors.    

    Also, the University has recruited five academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as some adjunct professors.



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