Since 2003, the University has taken up 1,300 research projects of various types, among which more than 260 are part of the National High-tech R&D Program (863 Program), the National Program on Key Basic Research Project (973 Program),  the National Key Technology Research and Development Program , the National Natural Science Foundation or the National Social Science Foundation. SDUT has won about 144 scientific research awards of provincial or above levels, among which 2 are second prizes of National Award for Technological Invention in 2006 and 2007, and 5 are second prizes of National Award for Progress in Science and Technology in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012, and 2013.

  As one of the National Pilot Zones for Innovative Talents Training Mode program, SDUT is among the first group of pilot schools for  A Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers of national level and one of the pilot universities for the College English Teaching Reform in China. The University also serves as one of the training institutes for the National College Students Know About Business (KAB) Entrepreneurship Program and one of pilot schools for the National Information-based Education Program. Now SDUT has been entitled as “the Distinctive University in Training Applied Talents” by Shandong Province.

   Also, the University has recruited 5 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as some adjunct professors.

   The University has a total enrollment of over 32,200 full-time undergraduate, and 2,600 postgraduate students. 

   Sticking to the principle of “high starting point, superb quality and good taste, and in accordance with the  construction objectives of being ecological, garden-like, digital and humanized, the University has put in great investment to seek continuous improvement of the education conditions. 

   The advanced campus network links the whole campus and there are public service platforms such as the Education Technology Center and the Center for Analysis and Test.

   In conformity with the faculty building guideline of gathering talents, cultivating teams and producing masters, the University makes simultaneous efforts to attract high-quality talents and train its own faculty to form a devoted team with a reasonable personnel structure. 

   Among 1,924 members of the faculty, there are 236 professors and 653 associate professors. 525 faculty members have doctorate degrees. 16 hold the honor of State Young and Middle-aged Experts of Outstanding Contributions, or candidates of the National New Century 100, 1,000 and 10,000 Talents Project or recipients of the State Council Special Allowance. Now 34 professors are respectively granted with the title of Mount Tai Scholar (Overseas) Distinguished Professor, Young and Middle-Aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Shandong Province, or Teaching Masters of Shandong Province. 45 faculty members are doctoral tutors. 

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