Zibo China Ceramics Museum


The production of coloured glaze and ceramics in Zibo has a long history. Evidences from Beixin Cultural relics prove that pottery industry came into being in Shandong as early as 5100 BC and evidences from Dawenkou Culture relics show that by 4000 BC the skill of ceramics making had reached a high level.

Tea Dust Glaze


Zibo art ceramics gradually formed the unique style of being colorful, novel, simple and elegant by continuous innovation on the basis of traditional ceramic art. Many significant artists have made outstanding achievements in art ceramics, particularly in the study of glaze.  The long-lost technology of making raindrop glaze, tea dust glaze and clouds glaze has been restored, while the new technology of making red crystalline glaze, “bright red glaze, golden star glaze and dozens of black glaze has been developed.

Clouds glaze


 Red crystalline glaze


The archaize ceramics made in Zibo is unique with the characteristic of exquisite workmanship and primitive simplicity. The garden ceramics made in Zibo is both novelly designed and beautiful. The ceramics artists from Zibo display their breath-taking demonstrations in different countries and thus enjoy much popularity.








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