SDUT Motto:Integrity, Learning, Commitment, Perfection

    Explanation of the university motto:

    “Integrity” is originated from the second chapter Kun of I Ching.

   “The earth's condition is receptive devotion. Thus the superior man who has utmost integrity carries the outer world.”  “To carry the outer world with Integrity” expresses the Chinese people's spirit of complying with nature and advancing with times, and of absorbing everything with integrity. The word “Integrity” is quoted to express our hope that the students as well as the faculty would preserve their lives and shoulder their social commitment with noble character.

    “Learning” is originated from the nineteenth chapter Tsze-chang of Analects

   “They are learning extensively, and having a firm and sincere aim; inquiring with earnestness, and reflecting with self-application.” “Learning extensively” means studying widely and excelling in knowledge. “Learning extensively” is included into our motto in order to advocate that SDUT’s students and faculty study diligently and learn from various schools to pursue extensive knowledge.

    “Commitment” is originated from The Doctrine of the Mean:

   “Extensive study of what is good, accurate inquiry about it, careful reflection on it, the clear discrimination of it, and the earnest practice of it.” The literal meaning of “Commitment” is to practice studying undividedly and steadily.The word is introduced into our university motto to pilot SDUT’s students and faculty to study or teach in a down-to-earth way and to apply what they learn to practical use.

    “Perfection” is originated from The Great Learning.

    “What the Great Learning teaches, is to illustrate illustrious virtue; love the people; and to rest in the highest excellence.”“Perfection” refers to reaching the realm of highest good. The word is incorporated into our university motto to encourage SDUT’s students and faculty to pursue the realm where character and knowledge can harmoniously integrate.

    As for the four phrases applied in the university motto, “Integrity” highlights the educational concept that the cultivation of character is given the first priority; “Learning” is the goal for students to achieve in their study; “Commitment” stresses the importance of practice and the unity of knowledge and practice; “Perfection” embodies the perfect realm where character and knowledge can integrate harmoniously and the highest ideal that education can accomplish.

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